Warranty &

Shopping for a heat pump?

It's important to consider the warranty and maintenance of each brand.


Most heat pump warranties have two components: Parts and Compressor.


Any part under manufactuer failure will be covered - excluding the compressor.

  • LG's HSV4 and Presitge models carry a 5-year parts warranty
  • Karda models carry a 7-year parts warranty


The compressor is the most expensive and arguably the most important part of a heat pump. The compressor amplifies the amount of heat in the system before it enters or leaves your home. If it's not working properly, then your heat pump isn't going to heat or cool effectively.
Like other parts, the compressor warranty on all machines requires that the heat pump was installed by a qualified professional. If a small leak exists in the system and it wasn't caught during installation than this can cause premature compressor failure.


The number one thing you must do to maintain your heat pump is ensure the indoor filters are kept clean. Filters catch dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris that may be in the air susceptible to being pulled into the heat pump by the indoor fan. It's important to keep this dust and dirt off the coil because even a thin layer of dust and dirt build up on the coil drastically reduce efficiences.
Cleaning the indoor filters is an easy process:

Winter Maintenance

During the winter it is important that the outdoor unit is kept clear of snow. For a heat pump to do its job it must be able to breathe. By breathe we mean pull air in across the coil and extract heat. If the unit’s fan is obstructed by a snow drift then not only will no heat be extracted but the fan motor can burn out. To reduce the chances of this happening ensure you clear around the outdoor heat pump unit after each heavy snowfall.

Annual Maintenance

An annual check-up simply ensures that your heat pump remains in tip-top working order throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

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