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Looking for reduced energy costs or more a efficent heating source?

We have you covered!

General Benefits

LG's Gloss White

LG Gloss White Heat Pump

LG Gloss White single-zone systems provide powerful, efficient heating and cooling, many with Energy Star ratings. Precise temperature control with low operating cost is at your fingertips! Installation is easy and does not require major renovation — the pipes connecting your outdoor units are small and easy to run through your house.


LG's Art Cool Prestige

LG Art Cool Prestige Heat Pump

With rounded surfaces and pearlized finish, Art Cool™ Prestige model satisfies your needs for design and comfort in any room. All Prestige units provide high-performance, high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions with published performance to -25°C with continuing operation below this temperature. Powerful, quiet fans produce industry-leading airflow for even comfort.


Karda Single Zone Units

Karda Heat Pump Condensor and Evaporate with remote

Karda single zone heat pumps are available from a 9k BTU up to a 24K BTU. Karda's new HyperTek Heating allows operation at colder temperatures than previous models. Low temperature heating has been extended down to -30 degress celsius.


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