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What is a heat pump going to cost me?

This is the number one question we are asked! The exact price for your home varies based on a couple of different factors:

  • Physical and amperage space on your electrical panel
  • Size of the unit your home require
  • The distance between the outdoor and indoor unit for install

There a lot of questions that are involved in calculating the cost of a heat pump for your home, so it is important that you have a qualified contractor come out and do a home assessment. We can provide you with a free home assessment if you give us a call at 1-844-505-3828 or by filling out our home assessment contact form below.

A 12K BTU single zone heat pump is the most common size unit that is installed in residential applications in Atlantic Canada. For this size unit most homes will be looking at approximately $3,400 to $3,800 plus sales tax installed. For some homes there may be an additional cost on electrical for a disconnect box. An 18k BTU single zone heat pump may cost up to an additional $500 more then a 12K BTU Heat Pump.

A word of caution on cost and sizing: don’t make your purchase decision on price alone! It’s very important that the machine is sized correctly for the area of your home it is going to be installed in. A machine that is over sized can end up costing you more money as it will not reach what we call the ‘cruise control’ temperature zone. This is where the machine is drawing as little electricity as possible. A larger machine ends up turning on for a short period of time, heating up and then quickly shutting down until the temperature drops. A machine that is too small will constantly be working it’s hardest to keep up with the demand being placed in it.


What is a heat pump going to cost me?

Did you know you can finance your heat pump purchase? Well you can! Our group of contractors provide a handful of financing options to suit your budget. On approved credit we have contractors that are currently offering heat pumps and installation at a fixed monthly price starting as low as $39.99.

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